About Dave Contarino

Dave ContarinoDave Contarino is a powerhouse political consultant for the Democrat team. As president of Contarino & Associates LLC, he offers high-value perspectives and insights for political candidates, businesses and organizations. Dave Contarino currently serves clients from his Kentucky office.

Dave Contarino has nearly 25 years of government affairs experience. He has extensive knowledge of the budget and legislative process and has an excellent reputation helping corporations and governments achieve their respective public policy goals.

Contarino’s reputation as a campaign consultant was established in the 1990s, while serving as campaign manager and senior adviser to Governor Richardson and Senator Bingaman.

In 2006, Dave Contarino was asked to serve as national campaign manager for Richardson’s presidential campaign.

Using his deep experience with both government and political campaigns, Dave Contarino also has helped companies, associations and community groups frame and manage politically sensitive issues.

Dave Contarino has a talent for steering overlooked candidates to unexpected wins. In 2012, Contarino’s winning streak was evident when he led the campaign for New Mexico Congresswoman Michelle Grisham and secured an unexpected win in the Congressional Democratic primary.

David Contarino provides strategic planning, credibility, focus, campaign oversight, and resource management to ensure a successful campaign. Dave Contarino firmly believes that political communication is a delicate balance of timing, substance and style. Voters will determine which candidate cares about the issues that affect their lives and ultimately who they trust to keep their word, says Dave Contarino.

In recent years, Dave Contarino has devoted much of his time as a senior strategist, manager and media consultant to Independent Expenditure PACs, including Patriot Majority West, Colorado Freedom Fund, Democratic Governors Association, and Kentucky Family Values.

Dave Contarino is a successful entrepreneur and founder of many successful businesses including two escrow and title companies, as well as numerous real estate investment and management companies.