Dave Contarino Talks About Herrington Lake

Dave ContarinoDave Contarino feels fortunate to live on one of the most beautiful lakes in Kentucky. Known for its diverse fishing, the Herrington Lake area is just a short drive from Lexington, Kentucky, where it regularly attracts visitors from throughout the South. From his cabin, Dave Contarino enjoys beautiful views and some of the best fishing in the area, which provides a welcome break from his hard-hitting work as a political consultant.

Dave Contarino loves to talk about the place he calls home on many weekends and lazy summer days. Below he answers questions about some of the best features of Herrington Lake.

Q: How big is the lake itself?

Dave Contarino: Herrington Lake spans 3,600 acres. It’s actually a man-made lake. In 1925, the Kentucky Utilities Company formed Herrington Lake to generate hydroelectric power. To date, it’s the deepest lake in the state.

Q: What type of fish can I expect to catch?

Dave Contarino: Herrington Lake is home to a wide variety of fish, including crappie, bluegill, and hybrid striped bass.

Q: Are there restaurants and attractions in the area?

Dave Contarino: Nearby Danville and Harrodsburg have excellent dining options, in my opinion. Visitors have to try the white cod fillet sandwiches at Idler’s Cove Restaurant. If you don’t have your own boat, you can rent one for the day at Herrington Lake Marina.

Q: Where can I stay while I’m at the lake?

Dave Contarino: I recommend checking out the many cabins for rent on homeaway.com. Herrington Marina also has overnight accommodations available through their website, herringtonmarina.com.

Q: What about when the sun goes down? Is there any nightlife at Herrington Lake?

Dave Contarino: Many locals enjoy listening to live music while overlooking the water at the Herrington Marina.  I prefer heading to Danville for dinner, drinks and outdoor theater in the summer.